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International Data Security & Privacy Laws Are A Reality - Is Your IT Security Program Ready?



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Payment Card Industry
Data Security Standard
Version 3.1
CA SB1386 
MA 200CMR17.00
OR 646.200
& Others
Safe Harbor Requirements UK Data Protection Act
& Others

Our experience has proven that when it comes to information security policies, a standard is a standard for a reason. With that in mind, our Written Information Security Program (WISP) is based on industry-recognized best practices and information security standards so that you can meet your legal requirements. Unlike some competitor sites that offer “Bronze, Silver or Gold” packages that may leave you critically exposed, we offer a comprehensive information security solution to meet your specific compliance requirements. Why is this? It is simple - in the real world, compliance is penalty-centric. The court systems have established a track record of punishing businesses for failing to perform “reasonably expected” steps to meet compliance with known standards. In addition to the courts, insurance companies penalize companies for non-compliance by refusing policy coverage due to professional negligence exclusions. In terms of Information Security compliance, what you do not know has the proven ability to hurt you! 

Our ISO 27002-based Written Information Security Program (WISP) is a professionally written compilation of information security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines that are designed with one purpose in mind - to provide you with the written security policies necessary to secure your business and meet your specific regulatory requirements.

We take the hassle of the guesswork away so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business. As information security professionals we know the policies you need to have in place to meet the requirements for compliance. The likelihood that your local “IT guy” knows your compliance requirements is slim to none, since information security is a very specific skill set. We follow proven, internationally recognized standards for what security policies should consist of. Many competitor sites unfortunately offer solutions that will leave you exposed and unprepared - when keeping your company in business and protected is the priority, there is no room for amateur solutions. The Written Information Security Program (WISP) stands out from the competition in its coverage, depth, and price. Additionally, the turnaround for a WISP is generally 1-2 business days.

Why Does Your Business Need A Written Information Security Program? 

The reason is simple - information security policies and standards are entirely focused on protecting your business! Professionally written cybersecurity policies provide the necessary steps to document the due care and due diligence your business needs to prove compliance with information security laws and industry regulations. While you spend thousands of dollars a year on business liability insurance, purchasing an ISO 27002-based Written Information Security Program (WISP) from might be the most cost-effective protection you can provide for your company.

Our ISO 27002:2013 Written Information Security Program (WISP) Is Ideal for International Companies!

The ISO 27002-based Written Information Security Program (WISP) provides a comprehensive framework to manage your company’s information security program. The ISO 27002-based Written Information Security Program (WISP) allows you to implement and document the steps to be compliant with Federal, state and industry laws and regulations. 




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