Cost Savings with Good IT Security

Cost Savings & Security Return on Investment (SROI)

Good Information Security practices are one of the few improvements a company can make that will actually provide a positive Security Return on Investment (SROI). The costs that a business spends on preventative Information Security practices can dramatically reduce expenses throughout the company.

The benefits of Information Security for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are many:

  • Decreased IT support costs;
  • Less virus outbreaks
  • Less wasted time from opening spam e-mail
  • Reduced downtime from data lost
  • You will be able to prove documented due care and due diligence
  • Documentation can be the difference between being compliant or negligent
  • Insurance will cover data breach costs if you are able to prove you were compliant at the time of the breach
  • Insurance will not cover data breach costs if you were non-compliant at the time of the breach
  • Improved productivity with decreased distractions
  • Good Information Security policies reduces distractions from common issues:
    • Block inappropriate web sites
    • Reduce or limit personal use (wasted time)
    • Operations are more efficient with better performing network & computers
    • You can hold employees liable for what they do and fail to do on your network at with company assets
    • Better accountability of assets & resources
    • Better educated & trained employees 



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