Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Template (CRAT)

Example IT Security Risk Assessment Template

This information security risk assessment template is based on National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) frameworks.

If you can use Microsoft Word and Excel, then you can perform a risk assessment by simply following the instructions and editing the template to suit your specific requirements. While this is a template, we did the hard work of creating the formatting, bringing together the correct scope of information that needs to be assessed, and we built the calculations to make your work as simple as selecting from a few drop-down answers!

Click on the image below to open a PDF document that shows you what the Information Security Risk Assessment Template contains, as well as a look at the worksheets used to generate the report. 

example-cybersecurity-risk-assessment-report.jpg   example-cybersecurity-risk-assessment-worksheet.jpg

If you have any questions at all about this product, please contact us - we would be more than happy to help explain how this solution works and why it is worth it!


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