Information Security Risk Management Program. Use this to build your company's risk management program so that you can perform risk assessments in a professional manner. Microsoft Word document is fully editable for your needs.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Program (RMP)

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  • Product Description

    Professionally-Written, Editable & Easily-Implemented Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

    Most companies have requirements to perform risk assessments, but they lack the knowledge and experience to undertake such assessments. That means businesses are faced to either outsource the work to expensive consultants or they ignore the requirement and hope they do not get in trouble for being non-compliant with a compliance requirement. In either situation, it is not a good place to be. The good news is that developed a viable risk management framework that will work for any sized company. 

    If you take credit cards, PCI DSS requires you to perform an annual risk assessment. If you live in Oregon or Massachusetts, those states have state laws that require risk assessments. The list goes on for federal and international laws!

    Our latest version of the Cybersecurity Risk Management Program (RMP) includes:

    • Risk Taxonomy
      • What Is Risk?
      • Risk Management Activities
      • Risk Management Benefits
      • Who Has The Authority To Manage Risk
      • Risk Management Decisions
    • How Risk Is Categorized
      • Low Risk
      • Medium Risk
      • High Risk
      • Severe Risk
      • Extreme Risk
    • Risk Management Principles
    • Risk Management Fundamentals
      • Risk Management Maturity Levels
      • Defining The Risk Appetite
      • Situation Awareness
      • Analyzing Risks
      • Evaluating & Prioritizing Risks
      • Risk Treatment
      • Monitoring & Reporting Risk
      • Documenting Risk & Reporting Findings
    • Cybersecurity Risk Management Methodology
      • COSO – Strategic (Enterprise-Level Approach to Risk Management)
      • ISO – Operational (Initiative / Program-Level Approach to Risk Management)
      • NIST – Tactical (Asset / Project-Level Approach to Risk Management)
    • Threat & Risk Assessment (TRA) Methodology
      • Defining Potential Impact
      • Defining Potential Likelihood
      • Defining Criticality Levels for Assets / Systems / Data
    • Risk Considerations for Vulnerability Management
      • Cybersecurity Considerations for Protecting Systems
      • Proactive Response Planning
      • Flaw Remediation (Patch Management)
      • Vulnerability Scanning
      • Security Testing & Evaluation (ST&E)
    • Appendices
      • Sources of Risk
      • Risk Roles & Responsibilities
      • Risk Assessment Techniques


    RMP Cost Savings

    From surveying cybersecurity professionals, we created the following chart to provide a comparison of options for companies needing a documented cybersecurity risk management program. As you can see, when you factor in internal staff time to perform reviews and refinements with key stakeholders, purchasing a RMP from ComplianceForge is approximately 10% ($13,500+ savings) of the cost as compared to writing your own documentation and 4% ($36,00+ savings) of the cost as compared to hiring a consultant to write it for you!



    What do you need to provide when you order the Cybersecurity Risk Management Program?

    It is common in policies and other documentation to initial reference the official name of the organization (e.g., full legal name of the company) and the trade / DBA name that is used to commonly refer to the organization. This is usually written in this format: Official (Common). The reason for this is this covers calling out the legal entity the policy is written for, but then references the common name, by which the company will be referred to through the rest of the document. It makes documents much easier to read.

    Examples of "official" and "common" business names are:

    • BlackHat Consultants, LLC (BlackHat)
    • ACME Consulting, Inc. (ACME)
    • Beaverton Valley Chamber of Commerce (BVCC)
    • City of Lake Tualatin (CLT)
    • SonomaTechnology Consulting, Inc. (SonomaTech)


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