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Privacy Bundle 3: SPBD-DSP

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Privacy Bundle #3 - 30% Off

Products Included in Privacy Bundle #3

This package is designed for companies that want to purchase the Digital Security Program (DSP), but also have added documentation to make EU GDPR compliance straightforward with the Security & Privacy by Design (SPBD) product.

Digital Security Program (DSP)

  • Most popular product for organizations that must address more than just a single cybersecurity framework (e.g., NIST 800-53, ISO 27002 or NIST Cybersecurity Framework).
  • Maps to over 100 statutory, regulatory and contractual cybersecurity and privacy frameworks to create a hybrid approach to cybersecurity policies, standards, controls and metrics.
  • Provides 1-1 mapping with the Secure Controls Framework (SCF), so you can easily align your policies, standards and metrics with the controls you use from the SCF!
  • The DSP addresses more than just the “why?” and “what?” questions in an audit, since in addition to the core policies and standards that form the foundation for your cybersecurity program, the DSP comes with controls and metrics!

Security & Privacy by Design (SPBD)

  • The SPBD addresses the “how?” questions for how your company ensures both security and privacy principles are operationalized.
  • This is an editable Microsoft Word document that provides program-level guidance to directly supports the WISP and DSP policies and standards for ensuring secure engineering and privacy principles are operationalized on a daily basis.
  • The concept of “secure engineering” is mandatory in numerous statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements. The SPBD provides a “paint by numbers” approach to ensure your company has evidence of both due care and due diligence for operationalizing security and privacy principles.
  • The CIRP is based on numerous frameworks, but the core is NIST 800-160, which is the de facto standard on secure engineering.

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