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Privacy Bundle 2: SPBD-WISP

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Privacy Bundle #2 - 25% Off

Products Included in Privacy Bundle #2

This package is designed for companies that want to align with a single cybersecurity framework), but also have added documentation to make EU GDPR compliance straightforward with the Security & Privacy by Design (SPBD) product.

Written Information Security Program (WISP)

  • ISO 27002, NIST 800-53 or NIST Cybersecurity Framework based cybersecurity policies & standards in an editable Microsoft Word format.
  • The WISP addresses the “why?” and “what?” questions in an audit, since policies and standards form the foundation for your cybersecurity program.
  • Under each of the policies are standards that support those policy statements.
  • Alignment with a cybersecurity framework is a basic expectation of EU GDPR compliance.

Security & Privacy by Design (SPBD)

  • The SPBD addresses the “how?” questions for how your company ensures both security and privacy principles are operationalized.
  • This is an editable Microsoft Word document that provides program-level guidance to directly supports the WISP and DSP policies and standards for ensuring secure engineering and privacy principles are operationalized on a daily basis.
  • The concept of “secure engineering” is mandatory in numerous statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements. The SPBD provides a “paint by numbers” approach to ensure your company has evidence of both due care and due diligence for operationalizing security and privacy principles.
  • The CIRP is based on numerous frameworks, but the core is NIST 800-160, which is the de facto standard on secure engineering.


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