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PCI Bundle 1: PCI-VCP

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PCI Bundle #1 - 10% discount

Products Included in The PCI Bundle #1

PCI DSS compliance documentation that is focused and to the point. This bundle provides you with both internal policies and standards to comply with PCI DSS, as well as documentation you can use to tell your service providers what is expected from them to keep you both secure and compliant.

PCI DSS Policy & Standards (PCI)

  • The PCI DSS Policy and Standards addresses the “what?” and “why?” questions for how your company manages PCI DSS compliance. It contains one policy and multiple standards that are specifically designed to comply with PCI DSS requirements.
  • This is an editable Microsoft Word document that you can edit for your own specific needs.
  • Policies and standards are a core requirement to comply with PCI DSS.

Vendor Compliance Program (VCP)

  • The VCP addresses the “how?” questions for how your company manages risk with third parties (e.g., service provides, vendors, contractors, etc.).
  • This is an editable Microsoft Word document that is essentially a document that is intended to be shared with third parties, as compared to sharing detailed policies and standards.
  • The VCP contains concise cybersecurity-related expectations that your company expects your third parties to abide by.
  • The text from the VCP can be used in a contract addendum or shared as a stand-alone document.
  • The VCP helps provide evidence of due care in how your company informs third parties about their cybersecurity obligations.

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